The May meeting will take place at the Cape St. Claire clubhouse at 1223 River Bay Road, Annapolis, MD.


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September 5, 2018
Carol Gracie: The Wildflowers of Summer

October 3, 2018:
Katie Moose: Cooking With Herbs

November 7, 2018:
George Wise: Restoring Shorelines with Native Plants for Water Quality and Beautification

December 5, 2018:
Dr. Joan Maloof: Understanding Old-Growth Forests and Their Importance for Biodiversity

February 6, 2019:
Greg Tepper: Delaware Botanical Garden

March 6, 2019:
Mike Locatell: Reblooming Irises

April 3, 2019:
W.Carl Taylor: Ferns in the Landscape

May 1, 2019:
Scott Aker: Hydrangeas and Magnolias


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